Information for Prospective Students

Spring 2005: I have no open slots in my research group.

I frequently receive e-mail messages from students who have been accepted into Syracuse University, expressing interest in working with me. I would like prospective students to understand several things:

Now, if you're a Ph.D. student at Syracuse, and we've met and had meaningful interaction, and I have an open slot, then you might wonder what I expect from my students.

In closing, I ask you to examine why you want to work with me. If you just want a grade, I advise you to look elsewhere. If you just want rent money, there are other, less challenging ways to earn it. If you want to attack interesting problems in CS/CE and solve them, and if you want to be challenged to stretch your abilities and to learn about systems, then I want to work with you, as well.

My goal is to support all of the students working with me. However, I can only continue to support productive, talented, interested students. Thus, a new student will go through a probationary period working on a well-defined research project. At the end of the probationary period, I will decide whether to continue supporting that student or not.